I think only

I think only What rest, what silence!

The only sound a drop, falling from an oar.

Children also felt all beauty and poetry of peace silence novoro zhdenny human life.

General comments about education of feelings I will not begin to claim that I managed to bring to perfection a method of education of feelings at children of years.

I think only that it opens new ways for psychological research also promises rich and valuable results.

Still experimental psychology paid the attention to improvement pribo ditch by means of which feelings are measured.

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To salt. When

To salt. When Meat to wash up and cook weak broth, to take out meat and to put the chopped cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes cubes to cook to readiness.

To salt.

When giving to put some slices of meat in a plate, to pour and to strew ready Russian cabbage soup with the cut greens.

Fruit soups Prepare from any unsweetened berries and fruit cherries, gooseberry, red currants, cranberries, apples on dogrose infusion.

The second dishes at obesity Are recommended meat cutlets, meatballs, quenelles, zrazas, and also boiled, baked with vegetables and grain; fish as well as meat; potatoes boiled, baked in a foil, mashed potatoes, stewed with vegetables; mashed potatoes prepare on vegetable broth with addition of butter or on milk; potatoes dishes join in the menu not more often than times in week; vegetables any on a season; grain in the form of porridges and baked puddings; rice and semolina are added to soups; eggs omelets, only from proteins; cottage cheese lowfat.

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For some tasks

For some tasks Incentives it is awards, simple and clear.

It can be on praise or that that more difficult, for example system of a mark assessment for tasks having gathered a certain number of points, the child will receive on to hail.

For some tasks and some children successful performance of the back chi already sufficient incentive.

Most of children want to learn to that that, for example to stand at a support, to rise on steps, to ride by bicycle to drive the car.

At many tasks, which performance we we wait from the child, there are no builtin incentives though here a lot of things depend and from the child.

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Then to put on and to heat

Then to put on and to heat Tea from a dry dogrose Dogrose h.

a spoon, water glass.

To wash out dried fruits of a dogrose in a colander cold water, to knead, to pour into a kastryulka and to fill in with a glass of abrupt boiled water.

Then to put on and to heat weak fire under a cover of minutes.

To insist hours, to filter through a double layer of a gauze and to drink with sugar, as tea.

Cowberry drink Cowberry g, sugar g, water l.

Wooden pestle to knead the prepared fruits and to wring out juice through the gauze folded double.

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In a bowl

In a bowl When the cabbage becomes soft to cast away it on a colander and to allow to flow down completely to broth.

In a bowl peremyat cabbage a table fork so that it assumed an air of finegrained porridge.

After it to put cabbage in a pan with the boiling milk, to add the creamy the oil pounded with a flour and, continuously stirring slowly, to boil.

In a plate with hot mashed potatoes to put a butter slice.

Souffle from a cauliflower Cauliflower inflorescences, butter h.

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