To salt. When

To salt. When Meat to wash up and cook weak broth, to take out meat and to put the chopped cabbage, carrots, onions, potatoes cubes to cook to readiness.

To salt.

When giving to put some slices of meat in a plate, to pour and to strew ready Russian cabbage soup with the cut greens.

Fruit soups Prepare from any unsweetened berries and fruit cherries, gooseberry, red currants, cranberries, apples on dogrose infusion.

The second dishes at obesity Are recommended meat cutlets, meatballs, quenelles, zrazas, and also boiled, baked with vegetables and grain; fish as well as meat; potatoes boiled, baked in a foil, mashed potatoes, stewed with vegetables; mashed potatoes prepare on vegetable broth with addition of butter or on milk; potatoes dishes join in the menu not more often than times in week; vegetables any on a season; grain in the form of porridges and baked puddings; rice and semolina are added to soups; eggs omelets, only from proteins; cottage cheese lowfat.


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