I could not resist

I could not resist Tears poured down from under a bandage, he started asking me to remove it, but from confusion, for fear or on to internal belief continued to hold eyes densely closed when the bandage was it is removed.

I could not resist laughter, looking at sad expression of his face and on densely the close eyelids which from time to time were squeezing out a teardrop.

Oh, this minute, as well as in many others, I was ready to give up the work and felt that I in vain spent for it time!

As I was sorry, that recognized this child as severely I condemned fruitless and brutal curiosity of people, which for progress in science tore off it from life innocent and happy!

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Debate to minutes. At the end of the presentation

Debate to minutes. At the end of the presentation We can work with any image.

Debate to minutes.

At the end of the presentation images with a child discussion and provides home the task to draw presented in the image.

Figure reviewed by then on the preliminary interview the next session.

Contraindications for use of the method Itatim rate hike in the story the author calls acute or chronic psychosis or close to psychosis state; cerebral organic syndrome severe; insufficient intellectual development IQ below ; insufficient the motivation.

TALES FOR HYPERACTIVE CHILDREN In my practice there are several interesting cases total deposits with hyperactive children and children who find individual symptoms of hyperactive behavior.

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Can give to homework

Can give to homework Can give to homework of minutes .

Can perform housework of minutes Dawson P.

, Guar R.

Your child can do everything.

Chapter .

Definition strong and weaknesses of the child .

Can quietly sit during a lunch if it it is not tightened General point .

It is capable to keep in memory and to carry out the simple one and twostep procedures for example, to clean teeth or to brush the hair after a breakfast .

Can start performance of classwork at once after instructions of the teacher .

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To wet grain

To wet grain To allow to boil.

Oatflakes soup Grain oatflakes glasses, milk glass, water glasses, creamy oil h.


To wet grain for hours in cold water.

To cook on weak fire in the open to pan of minutes.

To add a glass of milk, to allow to boil, cook minutes.

In ready soup to put oil.

Milk soup White bread g, egg piece, milk glasses, butter h.

a spoon, water glasses.

To break dry white bread slices, to fill in with cold water, to put on minutes, stirring slowly, to salt.

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Antigas drops

Antigas drops New researches prove that gripes medicine, which earlier were considered harmless, can damage to the child.

Information on influence this or that medicine it is constantly updated therefore every time it is necessary to consult on the doctor before giving to the child any preparations.

Antigas drops if to give them before feeding, improve digestion also reduce amount of gases.

From our point of view, these drops are safe and sometimes help to get rid of excess of gases in intestines.

Doctor can alleviate suffering of the child with the inflated tummy, having greased the back pass.

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