Thus was born

Thus was born Now I know exactly what I do!

The young man fast step, went home to write pre red music, promoted itself in his soul.

Thus was born a new ballet Declaration of love.

Its premiere was a success!

The hall was Packed!

Behold whether standing applauded the composer and the performer of the main role beauty Adele.

They threw flowers!

They shouted Bravo Bravo!

And young people again and again took to the bow, hard holding hands!

And after the performance, not Rasima hands, they went into the forest.

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Game develops

Game develops Let ka lo Rome!

Remove the cover and pulling out one toy, PE Radavita their child, paying attention to color, the form details.

Show your child that the box is empty more not toys!

Again put the toy in the box let mA Lys get them.

To ensure that the game is not boring, every time baggage those in the box new toys.

Especially children like to pull toys, about sliding her hand into the opening.

Game develops fine motor skills, ingenuity and memory.

From half to two years Toys homemade Sprinkle in a small transparent plastic bottles buckwheat, beans, peas.

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To bring to boiling

To bring to boiling To cut vegetables potatoes cubes, carrots ringlets only g.

To put in pan vegetables and a chicken to salt, fill in with broth or hot water so, that water covered contents.

To bring to boiling and to cook minutes.

Sauces to meat dishes White sauce for meat of a rabbit, veal, a chicken Slightly to fry thoroughly tablespoon of a flour with the same amount of oil, to part the filtered broths received when cooking meat.

After that to remove sauce with fire to add the egg yolk mixed in a glass with a small amount broth to salt.

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Then make

Then make Give it a name audio L Mila, Alla, Klava.

Display all images from Annex .

Listen to every word action and pick up to it one or more topics within the meaning of images.

Then make proposals and speak them, highlighting the sound L.

Cal, Catala, found that saw, put approached, watered, Kopala, bought, Luxemburg galas.

For example Alla did beet salad and eat it.

Consolidation pronunciation audio L proposals, composed on the picture and the word of the grounds To every word grounds pick up the name of the picture.

Clearly, highlighting the sound L, say a few words.

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Discipline, to which

Discipline, to which As our child studies to move, but not to sit not movably, it prepares not for school, and for life; thanks to a habit and to exercise he learns easily and precisely to carry out simple acts of social life.

Discipline, to which we accustom the child, in character is not limited to the school environment, but stretches for the social environment.

The border in the collective has to rely freedom of the child interest, and its form that we call good breeding.

Therefore, we have to having given lyat in the child everything that offends or unpleasantly affects others, or that has character rough or impolite act.

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