Tell the child

Tell the child Predlo zhit to remember and represent other beings who jump or a pla howl but do not participate in our game.

Who where lives.

Explain a difference between house and wild zhi wadded and birds.

Suggest to separate them from each other using some couples.

In the course of game tell how the house of that is called or other animal cowshed, hen house, stable, box, hole, nest, hatka and so on.

We feed animals.

Tell the child that all living beings obya zatelno something is eaten.

Specify who from characters of game than eats.

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If the child

If the child For older children can but to use and cottage cheese.

If the child is not loves cheese in its pure form, add it slowly in other dishes.

With intolerance to milk protein cheese Pro tyopoydan!

Any children under years of age that, it is not recommended to give the glazed cheeses, to which contains allergenic chocolate and a large the amount of sugar.

Butter for kid The butter has high internals financial, qualities, energy value, but also easily absorbed, contains a large number climbed those substances vitamins, especially a and D, and Mina Spain.

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Concern of the child

Concern of the child Quiet behavior of the child in an interval between feedings, existence in a breast mothers of milk after the end of feeding criteria of adequacy of food the child and indicators of that there is no need to weigh him before and after each applying to a breast and rather single definition per day body weights it is better in the morning.

Concern of the child between feedings, big, than usually in norm, losses initial body weight force to carry out regular weighings to and after each feeding with dokormy to norm donor milk.

At insufficiency of milk at mother dokorm the healthy newborn nevertheless it is better not to appoint about days if losses of weight are not so great, as early introduction of a feeding up reduces activity of a sosaniye and, respectively lactation volume.

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Game develops

Game develops Ask him what if to add to her eyes, mouth, arms, legs, HVO stick?

Who will succeed?

If you find that turned out to be a mysterious creature think of him with the baby name and compose about it interesting story.

To finish any geometric shape.

Game develops imagination and creative way ness.

Of two and a half to three years Improving in the account Teach your child to read.

You can, for example, to count the fingers on your hands, singing songs nursery rhymes or reading fun rhymes.

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If you suspect

If you suspect If the blood seeped through the fabric, do not remove tissue from the wound , not to to prevent the formation of krovanistye head clot.

At first piece of cloth put other.

If you suspect that a child fracture of the skull, 't give direct giving ing on the bleeding wounds of the head.

If the wound on the head shallow , podstrigat the hair around the wound, wash it in warm DOI with soap and gently wipe.

Not move away from the child for a minute .

About believe with basic life functions dy respiratory tract, breathing, and circulation .

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