Therefore In the road, anything can happen, so mu for them in the bag should have its own first aid kit.

Moreover, in the way you can panado fight tools that will allow you to quickly pre krutit the development of infectious diseases as you are going on vacation to not be sick , and relax.

Therefore mu recommend always be ready to supply road first aid kit for a child and to update it as not the need.

Of course, if you often traveling.

What should be in a child's kit?


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Compare images


To find differences.

Compare images in the order from left to right or top to bottom.

Having found all the differences, to make a story called Unusual Christmas tree.

To explain who brought home a Christmas tree, what the usual toys in the house was not broke, left in the country, were not able to buy, what unusual pieces of the children decorated the Christmas tree.

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As I mentioned, it is represented

As I mentioned, it is represented Tying with a scarf eyes, we risk to overtake drowsiness; it is impossible to expect that the child in this situation was long capable to receive sensory perception.

The cerebration deprived of usual means of notification and control, demands big tension.

As I mentioned, it is represented to me possible and practical a combination of system of Montessori with kindergarten.

If I state it here in brief and without proofs or justifications because I do not give it dogmatic character, and simply I hope that there will be a teacher who will wish to use system, promise to bring Shuya kindly to his pets.

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But as soon

But as soon Simple economy money which he receives on pocket expenses, will not help quickly to achieve the desirable.

But as soon its birthday, money, to tory he will receive from parents, relatives and friends, will give him chorus shiya the starting capital.

Nevertheless parents know that to the boy it is necessary to see as far as it came nearer to purchase of a prefix.

Parents decided to help Jared to develop the plan.

The boy with it was said.

Parents told that if Jared is ready to spend everything on presented money for game on birthday, in – weeks it, sko to yard of everything, will be able to buy it, adding the money received to this sum on pocket expenses.

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Forgive me, please. And a miracle

Forgive me, please. And a miracle Excuse me.

All will be well.

Forgive me, please.

And a miracle happened.

The wound on the oak quickly dragged on, twigs fun reached out for the morning sun.

Pig Polish elk, though somewhere very near holiday fireworks started, it is on the branches started together to burst Bud and blossom young leaves.

That summer grateful oak brought forth so many levels had enough of the wild until next year.

And kabanchik more never beat hoofs on a tree and watched that and other the animals were not hurt his favourite oak tree.

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