BA, co which

BA, co which BA, co which cause the appearance of small sores .

Since Menem they gradually grow , merge between an acquiring the shape of a butterfly .

Therefore, for kormlu of the child choose the shortest nipple gesture of Koy rubber during suckling it will not Cravero to mucous not .

be I PART I.

CHILDHOOD DISEASES Phimosis This narrowing of the foreskin of the penis with the impossibility of removing head.

In the age of year for boys it is the physiological ecological norm, therefore you shouldn to try to get the head , pulling at flesh.

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Many parents

Many parents Questions of development, as a rule, do not stand until suddenly do not remember, that the child in a year another in school and should prepare for it seriously.

Many parents argue so What difference, at what age the child was learned to go to read, consider, draw, learn figures, to put carat tinka from cubes and other, other, other.

The child is full, healthy, daily walks in the fresh air, it has a heap of dolls machines and other toys that still it is necessary for the happy childhood?

Then it namuchatsya still with study.

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