Perhaps, such

Perhaps, such If to the kid there are less than months, it is possible to do the simplest massage, stroking parts of a body.

This massage delivers the pleasure to the newborn, accustoms and prepares for the regular to massage.

Perhaps, such communication of mother with the kid will become pledge fine mutual understanding in the future.

Modern conditioning agent for babies are disposable diapers.

Application of diapers an effective way of isolation and deduction of urine and kalovy masses.

Now there are types of diapers cotton reusable use; disposable, having an inside cellulose layer Haggis; the diapers which rather recently entered the use, cellulose which layer contains the moisture absorbing gelforming material VGM Pampers.

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Atsesulfam Develop from corn or wheat starch by means of yeast.

Atsesulfam potassium is times more sweet than sugar.

At thermal treatment not loses the properties.

Reception of this sakharozamenitel is limited at insufficiency of kidneys and diseases at which potassium is not recommended.

Aspartame consists of two amino acids asparaginovy and phenylalanine, more with pleasure than sugar by times, has no power value and does not possess side effects.

One tablet of aspartame is equivalent one h.

to a spoon sugar.

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As soon

As soon Be ready to unplanned changes.

Sometimes you cannot to expect everything in advance to warn the child.

As soon as yours the child will show though weak ability quietly to perceive from meneniye in the schedule, explain that periodically arise spon ton changes.

Then start entering unexpected changes in the schedule, but begin with what will be pleasant to the child, for example buy ice cream.

Gradually enter others dopolneniya.

Hl and in and Persistence increase in achievement of the purpose Persistence in achievement of the purpose definition of the purpose and the slave that over its achievement, without derivation on the competing interests.

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It will be words

It will be words As notes only seven, songs on one note bu here to repeat each other options as you understand, only seven.

On the same note, for example Salt, at you three, five or more songs can turn out.

When to you and the kid everything is clear, try to write songs on two notes.

It will be words from two syllables, that is about two voice ny mother, father, Katya, Misha, Lifor, lodge, doll, hours, rain, птич, sun.

Draw a musical camp, write the word, separating syllables as in the presents notes.

If you learn to spell, allocate warehouses in the color the shock black, paste on the back the picture.

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Play the wellknown

Play the wellknown In the course of game, moving ahead on lines, tell to the kid where it is that is interesting, there not the usual.

Ask children of school age questions or the tasks connected with this place or type to a geograficha sky object river, sea, mountain.

Play the wellknown travel pass on to Columbus, Magellan's route, Beringa, Amundsen or Cook.

Before game study the necessary chapter in the nursery entsik lopediya.

Instead of counters it is possible to use the small toys, for example from the kinder surprise.

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