Diseases Contraindications to the production of cans and tins massage Skin diseases, especially pustular.

Diseases of the blood.

Signs of increased bleeding.

High body temperature.

Total exhaustion.

Excessive stimulation of the child.

Technique of production of cans children older than years .

Select smooth surface of the body where there is no bony prominences and recesses.

It blastomycosis banks Bokov, under the blade, between the shoulder blades and zvanicnika.

Grease a skin with vaseline or warm grow sory sterile oil.

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The sculptor

The sculptor Because we may not always know what we conceal camping opportunities, said beeches.

Sculpture High in the mountains from the rock cut out a large stone, then it brought on Board in the city, and soon he was in the Studio famous sculptor.

The sculptor had a lot of orders that he's good sho paid.

So he was in a great hurry; without thinking, he took chisel and hammer and began to cut off from lumps that seemed to him superfluous.


sighed the Stone.

At this moment the hand of the sculptor flinch.


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It appears

It appears If the child does not know who the vampire, he does not Bo seeking.

He is not afraid of them until, until you see how the draw RATM from fear older brothers and sisters, when you look movie scary movies about vampires.

Child nachinaet to imitate elders and SnagIt, too afraid.

It appears own life experience Pere maintenance of fear, while small and manageable quickly mu lereniu.

However, fear can be naveshivat, tajnym and turn into a phobia, if the elders may, not realizing until the end of the danger of the TRP do closed Plaut his behavior.

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Pictures Then revenge every picture in suitable syllabic wagon.

Pictures next to the trailers it is better to lay out not piles and vertical rows.

And the child, and an adult will be easier to monitor the proper the job.

Securing the pronunciation of sound C in words.

The skills of word formation Listen product names, then call the dishes in which they are put.

Not forget the pronunciation select the sound Centners For example salad bowl, soup tureen, bread bread.

Bread, soup, sugar, bread, salad, herring, candy, mustard, pepper.

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It eczema

It eczema If gneiss can appear at the child not allergic person, the dairy scab is a signal need of visit of the allergist.

Other option of manifestation of an allergy the becoming wet cracks behind ears and in cervical folds.

If not to give it values, on cheeks of the child of early age appear small heatspots.

It eczema dry if skin in a place of defeat starts being shelled; becoming wet, if skin swells and there are bubbles filled with liquid, which strongly itch, breaking.

At a proryvaniye leave drying up strongly the itching crusts.

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