Before involving

Before involving If a dish which was chosen by the child, do not prepare, sing a kta proda according to not Poku's list or you say that to Reba NOC can plan itself vacation, and then reject his ideas, it will lose interest.

Before involving the child in process, it is necessary to solve, with what its choice you are ready to agree.

If harmful the food cannot be in the list of purchases or the menu, the child has to know about it in advance.

Before beginning that that to think out, create list of exceptions.

Or let to the child know that will not allow him to choose a place for vacation, but he can plan the occupations for this time.

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And another

And another Practicing the doctor, faced daily with a variety of individual characteristics of children's wards, gets necessary information that helps him to draw conclusions about the advantages or disadvantages or another type or brand of artificial PI Tania.

So, it is guided in question, and may qualified to advise you on a suitable replacement well, if this is necessary.

And another point the doctors constantly meet scientific publications in magazines, participate in con conferences, which, contrary to me fortunately, not always sponsored by manufacturers baby food.

Doctors are familiar with recommendations Of the Institute of nutrition, they receive information materials scientists studying child PI food and testing new types, described in detail reveal about the advantages and disadvantages appeared in the markets mixtures.

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For long

For long Compote from a seabuckthorn To prepare berries.

To fill in them with hot % sugar syrup and to cook to readiness.

For long storage of berry to lay in glass jars.

To fill in syrup and to pasteurize about minutes.

Plum in own juice Only ripe, healthy fruits with dense pulp and free of defects are good.

Plum to wash up, cut in half and to remove stones.

Densely to lay in banks to coat hanger to cover with covers and to sterilize halfliter jars minutes, the liter minutes.

Juice plum with pulp Plum kg, sugar g.

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Walnuts , dried

Walnuts , dried CHILDREN'S ILLNESSES Products Iron Cherry , Raspberry , Gooseberry , Dill , Beet , Cauliflower , Black currant , Carrots , Strawberry , Melon , Folk remedies for the treatment of anemia Carrot juice daily on an empty stomach hundred Kanu for weeks.

Walnuts , dried apricots, prunes in equal quantities grind in a meat grinder or the blender and season thick honey .

Take mother teaspoon times a day in the an increase of weeks.

Angina This acute inflammatory infectious for bolivaria with the defeat of the tonsils, pharynx .

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We already

We already The normal child, on the contrary, is directly lit by the most live interest in game.

He pushes away all who tries to interfere or suggests it to help, and is eager to remain one on one with the task.

We already said that children of two three years with great pleasure touch the different small subjects, and the described experiment of Children's homes are confirmed completely by this supervision.

The normal child and it is very essential attentively investigates a ratio between openings and size of a subject which should be put in a nest, and very much is interested game to what expression of its face testifies.

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