But children

But children But children quickly are tired of such occupations therefore there is a sense dogovo in advance to ritsya about the minimum time which the child will devote to them and only after its expiration to discuss, stop or continue for N I am t and I.

For occupations by music, sport or other skills demanding a constant prak tics.


We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER Gradual weakening of control .

Remind the child of the beginning of occupations in in the advance stipulated time and after their termination check everything according to a leaf.

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It is closely

It is closely In my opinion, there is no more practical reception as acquaintance of children with a currency, and is not present more useful than exercise as exchange of money.

It is closely connected with everyday life and interests resolutely all children.

Having taught the account in such empirical way, I pass to more methodical exercises, using one of systems of the whetstones which were already applied as didactic material at education of feelings, namely, a series from ten sticks used for measurement lengths.

The shortest of them corresponds to decimeter, the longest to meter, and promezhutoch ny sticks are divided into pieces, of decimeter everyone, alternately painted in the blue and red colors.

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In the first

In the first They are located as their length, i.


as numbering.

In the first exercise we start putting sticks so that ten turned out.

More simply in total to take a short stick, starting with the first, and to put it to the end of the corresponding length, beginning from nine and below.

For example, so Take one and add to nine; take two and add to eight; take three and add to seven; take four and add to six.

So we we receive four sticks equal to ten.

There is a stick five; but, having turned it other end, we see that it keeps within from one end of ten to another, with evidence proving, that twice five it is equal to ten.

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Talk to the child

Talk to the child PART III.


Withdrawal to a dream Necessary organizational skills beginning of work chapter , steady attention chapter , working memory chapter .

Age best of all will be suitable for children of years, but it is easy adaptiro to vat both for younger, and for advanced age, having changed complexity tasks.

Talk to the child about in what time it is necessary to go to bed.

Make the list of tasks which need to be executed to withdrawal to a dream.

Perhaps, in it there will be such points to clean toys, to prepare clothes for tomorrow to pack a backpack see.

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Even if the meat

Even if the meat But on the availability Chiyo nitrates, pesticides, antibiotic residues, to which allow the animals to prevent infection, meat check not always.

Even if the meat received from its subsidiary Ho sector, it is still not a guarantee of its security for food was used hay meadows where possible but, herbicides sprayed, or in the ground made of excessive amounts of fertilizer.

In short, this meat can be safe for an adult, but not suitable for the kid.

Buy wisely!

Baby growing up, growing needs.

Select lures Another important point as already mentioned, meats some food for young children to have a special ing degree of crushing, to ensure that material aluminum some of the sparing of the digestive tract of the child, to protect the mucous membrane.

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