If you are familiar

If you are familiar What to do in this case?


Please call an ambulance .

Do not move the child , if not fixed damaged limb.

If you are familiar with first aid , apply a splint the limb in a position what you nashli PART III.


Do not attempt to straighten or verify de shaped bone or joint.

Don't let your child eat or drink .

If the injury is combined with an open wound that is not blow on it, do not wash and do not touch her.

Cover the wound with a sterile bandage.

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From the cubes

From the cubes The first has ten centimeters in the basis, and at other the bases decrease a posledova telno on one centimeter, so the basis of the last cube one centimeter.

Exercise consists in throwing of these pieces of wood painted in faintly pink color on a green rug; then the tower is constructed in the basis put a big cube, on it the following in size, and on the top a cube in one centimeter.

From the cubes scattered on a green carpet, children have to select every time biggest.

This game especially occupies children of two with half of years.

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By our experience, not all parents

By our experience, not all parents Improvement will come later.

The more precisely you will develop and estimate the strategy, the it is rather will notice progress.

By our experience, not all parents the prima manages nyat accurate strategy of intervention and to keep exact records.

That to whom it is difficult to be in everything exact, we advise periodically analiziro to vat results to note motions.

Weaken support, control and incentives gradually, but it is not sharp.

Even if you long provide support to the child, that it could carry out a task or use skill independently, you can have a temptation to move away her sharply and completely.

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Then children

Then children We decided to develop model which would allow people to reveal similar schemes.

Then children could use to the maximum sil the ny parties and to develop or ignore weak for improvement of the activity in general.

Besides, we understood that it is worth helping and give rise to tel to define their strong and weaknesses that they could Nye more effectively to help children.

To develop and realize the plan of work over are poorly developed mi skills, it is necessary to reveal them at first.

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By the end of the first

By the end of the first Need for proteins in this case increases to gkg of body weight.

By the end of the first year of life of the child at introduction of all types of a feeding up the general the amount of protein has to make , gkg of body weight, amount of fat and carbohydrates remains same, as at natural feeding.

DRY MIXES FOR MEDICAL AND PREVENTIVE FOOD OF CHILDREN Now there is a set of diseases of children of the first year lives, demanding not only medicamentous correction, but also specialized medical foods.

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