Now you can build

Now you can build You can drink water, milk, juice.

and still.

Now you can build phrase differently On the bed lay, and on the chair.

Nail hammer and screw.

Shirt sew, and scarf.

Try to turn the tables the baby starts, and you continue.

Game develops intellect and ingenuity, RAS serait horizons.

Watch the Moon Watch together for the Moon, discuss how me are its size and shape.

Every night draw the moon.

Then it will be interesting to compare the figures.

Come up with definitions that can describe The moon in different phases, full, round, thin, horns Tay.

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Manuel would

Manuel would How to you better to say about it?

I can simply with to obshchat to you it, or we can make the plan in pictures.

Manuel would prefer to change nothing, but his mother resolved to understand with a problem, and as a result he chose pictures.

For a start they with the sister on drew the car, the house, bank, Maria's school and Maria playing foot Bol it were the most probable stops.

To each picture they attached a flypaper.

Manuel's mother began with change of a route twice in a week, then they passed to three times.

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Having decanted

Having decanted To avoid pressing on a nipple it is painful and inefficient.

The filled lacteal sine can be probed in the form of balls, at decantation they are rolled under fingers.

Having decanted part of milk from the top and the lower sine to continue decantation, pressing index and big fingers at the left and to the right of an areola.

Then to carry out decantation from top and lower sine.

To decant milk serially from two mammary glands on minutes.

All procedure has to take minutes duration of the normal physiological feeding.

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Hard as nails

Hard as nails And mom Chicks there.

Became the mother bird peck the cat in the head, flapping, scratching claws.

Hard as nails fell off birch and ran off.

Hit a hen would her brood, saved them from the cat Zluki!

HARDENING Mother began to harden little Lisa.

In the morning, Lisa and mom was doing charge ku.

In the summer they sunbathed and swam in forest lake.

In winter Lisa and mA mA poured cold water in the basin.

As mom and Lisa learned about the club hardening.

The club, in which they are enrolled, was called Health.

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How to eradicate

How to eradicate How to eradicate lice It is necessary to conduct disinsection head child using any of the drugs from PE dicoese, commercially available pediculis, PE diced, nichifor, Nitron, lokogin, loncin, benzilbenzoat % suspension, CT BIOS ,% aqueous emulsion, and other Apply on hair chosen preparation for knit head polyethylene handkerchief and Polo Tanzim, soak the appropriate time Chi make a statement.

Then rinse the hair flowing in DOI with soap or shampoo and apply warm percent vinegar , tie th fishing plastic cloth and a towel , soak for minutes.

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