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Ask What

Ask What Take the crumbs for the handle, and with him walk on the apartment What we have in the kitchen?

Where we suites TV?

Learn to give a more detailed answer In the closet at window.

Take an imaginary trip, for example in the woods.

Ask What grows in the forest?

Who sits on a branch?

Games broaden their horizons, develop it, Fanta the Zia, imagination.

Two and a half to three years Family If guests to the baby came other kids play those in a very popular plot of the roleplay.

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What is it? angry

What is it? angry Sometimes the Clock, put this hand on the number two, Ino when at three, sometimes four.

Every time it was different the figures, and every time the Clock woke up in the night from strange ringing.

Sometimes he woke up at two o'clock, Ino sometimes three, sometimes four.

Together with alarm Clock woke up large wall clock, elegant watch with a mirror and all residents of the apartment.

What is it?

angry on the wall daddy watch.

Why this ringing in the night?

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Therefore How to develop skill of planning time We know that small children are not capable to plan time.

Therefore we do it for them.

We remind when it is time to gather in school or in kindergarten, on own understanding counting Chapter .

Schooling to planning of time time which has to be enough for them for performance of a task.

Or napo minay when it is time to prepare for a dream that they managed to esteem, after that as will be put on by pajamas, will clean teeth and will wash.

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Thanks to it cream

Thanks to it cream Cream soups can be prepared from vegetables, bean, meat and fish products which after their cooking wipe through a sieve, owing to what they get a monotonous consistence.

Thanks to it cream soups not cause mechanical irritation mucous a stomach and intestines that especially important for children of early age, at which gentle mucous the cover of a digestive tract is easily damaged under the influence of rough peep, including not crushed meat, vegetables, grain.

A consequence of it can to be vomiting, a diarrhea and other violations from a digestive tract.

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They are made

They are made They are made of highquality raw materials, have the high nutrition value and the hygienic certificate of MZ Russian Federation, are hermetically packed vacuum packing without heat treatment and preservatives, save time also are very convenient in use, help to diversify food of the child as on the first year of life, and till and more years.

From months to the child enter the first course of a feeding up which is gradually replacing breast milk one feeding vegetable puree as the child needs in mineral salts potassium, iron, organic acids, pectinaceous the substances and vegetable fibers normalizing a chair.

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  • Find each
  • Having decanted
  • For some tasks
  • In a bowl
  • Books like
  • Thus was born
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  • Hyperactive
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