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FOOD CHAINS, OR WHO THAT Come with the kid to a wood edge.

Spread out a cover, take seat more conveniently and silently sit.

When you hear some sound, in a whisper pay to it attention child.

Suggest the child most to designate any well hear ny or even hardly distinguishable sound.

Repeating this game again and again, and you, and your kid will be more attentively to a prisl to shivatsya to wood sounds.


Call to the child an animal.

Ask, than it eats the child, naturally, has to know about it according to your stories or from books.

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Because These mixes provide the normal growth and development of the child.

In them dairy protein is replaced with a soy protein.

Because proteinaceous component of the soy mixes it is presented by vegetable protein, which biological value below, than proteins of an animal origin, the general protein content in these products is slightly higher, than in the adapted mixes on the basis of the cow milk.

Besides, proteins of soy are poor in amino acids, therefore in mix amino acids are added Lmethionine, tryptophane, taurine, etc.

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For distractions

For distractions When tracheitis mustard put in the center of the chest cells from the area jugular fossa the base of the neck before the Foundation of the sternum of pieces.

For distractions exposure to mustard put on the calves.


Mustard cannot be put on the heart and on pozvonochnik PART IV.

HOME MEDICAL PROCEDURES Preparation for the procedure Carefully inspect your child's skin .

She must be equal and smooth , without restage deposits, redness and rashes .

In this case, before the procedure, consult your doctor.

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And the matter

And the matter But a question of that, how many freedoms adults will give tyam for arrangement of priorities concerning use of time, depends on personal values of adults, than on desire often more to impart to children skill.

In our highly competitive world many children Chapter .

Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities all free time take dancing classes, music and an izobrazitel ny arts.

And the matter is that parents and sometimes and children Uwe Rena that the child is obliged to be successful and purposeful.

Others parents trust sometimes it is response on own a feather gruzhennost that children have to be children.

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Thus was born

Thus was born Now I know exactly what I do!

The young man fast step, went home to write pre red music, promoted itself in his soul.

Thus was born a new ballet Declaration of love.

Its premiere was a success!

The hall was Packed!

Behold whether standing applauded the composer and the performer of the main role beauty Adele.

They threw flowers!

They shouted Bravo Bravo!

And young people again and again took to the bow, hard holding hands!

And after the performance, not Rasima hands, they went into the forest.

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