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I think only

What rest, what silence!The only sound a drop, falling from an oar.Children also felt all beauty and poetry of peace silence novoro zhdenny human life.General comments about education of feelings I will not begin to claim that I managed to bring to perfection a method of education of feelings at children of years.I think only that it opens new ways for psychological research also promises rich and valuable results.Still experimental psychology paid the attention to improvement pribo ditch by means of which feelings are measured.

To salt. When

For some tasks

Incentives it is awards, simple and clear.It can be on praise or that that more difficult, for example system of a mark assessment for tasks having gathered a certain number of points, the child will receive on to hail.For some tasks and some children successful performance of the back chi already sufficient incentive.Most of children want to learn to that that, for example to stand at a support, to rise on steps, to ride by bicycle to drive the car.At many tasks, which performance we we wait from the child, there are no builtin incentives though here a lot of things depend and from the child.

Then to put on and to heat

Tea from a dry dogrose Dogrose h.a spoon, water glass.To wash out dried fruits of a dogrose in a colander cold water, to knead, to pour into a kastryulka and to fill in with a glass of abrupt boiled water.Then to put on and to heat weak fire under a cover of minutes.To insist hours, to filter through a double layer of a gauze and to drink with sugar, as tea.Cowberry drink Cowberry g, sugar g, water l.Wooden pestle to knead the prepared fruits and to wring out juice through the gauze folded double.

In a bowl

When the cabbage becomes soft to cast away it on a colander and to allow to flow down completely to broth.In a bowl peremyat cabbage a table fork so that it assumed an air of finegrained porridge.After it to put cabbage in a pan with the boiling milk, to add the creamy the oil pounded with a flour and, continuously stirring slowly, to boil.In a plate with hot mashed potatoes to put a butter slice.Souffle from a cauliflower Cauliflower inflorescences, butter h.

I could not resist

Tears poured down from under a bandage, he started asking me to remove it, but from confusion, for fear or on to internal belief continued to hold eyes densely closed when the bandage was it is removed.I could not resist laughter, looking at sad expression of his face and on densely the close eyelids which from time to time were squeezing out a teardrop.Oh, this minute, as well as in many others, I was ready to give up the work and felt that I in vain spent for it time!As I was sorry, that recognized this child as severely I condemned fruitless and brutal curiosity of people, which for progress in science tore off it from life innocent and happy!

Debate to minutes. At the end of the presentation

Can give to homework

Can give to homework of minutes .Can perform housework of minutes Dawson P., Guar R.Your child can do everything.Chapter .Definition strong and weaknesses of the child .Can quietly sit during a lunch if it it is not tightened General point .It is capable to keep in memory and to carry out the simple one and twostep procedures for example, to clean teeth or to brush the hair after a breakfast .Can start performance of classwork at once after instructions of the teacher .

To wet grain

To allow to boil.Oatflakes soup Grain oatflakes glasses, milk glass, water glasses, creamy oil h.spoons.To wet grain for hours in cold water.To cook on weak fire in the open to pan of minutes.To add a glass of milk, to allow to boil, cook minutes.In ready soup to put oil.Milk soup White bread g, egg piece, milk glasses, butter h.a spoon, water glasses.To break dry white bread slices, to fill in with cold water, to put on minutes, stirring slowly, to salt.

Antigas drops

New researches prove that gripes medicine, which earlier were considered harmless, can damage to the child.Information on influence this or that medicine it is constantly updated therefore every time it is necessary to consult on the doctor before giving to the child any preparations.Antigas drops if to give them before feeding, improve digestion also reduce amount of gases.From our point of view, these drops are safe and sometimes help to get rid of excess of gases in intestines.Doctor can alleviate suffering of the child with the inflated tummy, having greased the back pass.

Perhaps, such

If to the kid there are less than months, it is possible to do the simplest massage, stroking parts of a body.This massage delivers the pleasure to the newborn, accustoms and prepares for the regular to massage.Perhaps, such communication of mother with the kid will become pledge fine mutual understanding in the future.Modern conditioning agent for babies are disposable diapers.Application of diapers an effective way of isolation and deduction of urine and kalovy masses.Now there are types of diapers cotton reusable use; disposable, having an inside cellulose layer Haggis; the diapers which rather recently entered the use, cellulose which layer contains the moisture absorbing gelforming material VGM Pampers.


Develop from corn or wheat starch by means of yeast.Atsesulfam potassium is times more sweet than sugar.At thermal treatment not loses the properties.Reception of this sakharozamenitel is limited at insufficiency of kidneys and diseases at which potassium is not recommended.Aspartame consists of two amino acids asparaginovy and phenylalanine, more with pleasure than sugar by times, has no power value and does not possess side effects.One tablet of aspartame is equivalent one h.to a spoon sugar.

As soon

Be ready to unplanned changes.Sometimes you cannot to expect everything in advance to warn the child.As soon as yours the child will show though weak ability quietly to perceive from meneniye in the schedule, explain that periodically arise spon ton changes.Then start entering unexpected changes in the schedule, but begin with what will be pleasant to the child, for example buy ice cream.Gradually enter others dopolneniya.Hl and in and Persistence increase in achievement of the purpose Persistence in achievement of the purpose definition of the purpose and the slave that over its achievement, without derivation on the competing interests.

It will be words

As notes only seven, songs on one note bu here to repeat each other options as you understand, only seven.On the same note, for example Salt, at you three, five or more songs can turn out.When to you and the kid everything is clear, try to write songs on two notes.It will be words from two syllables, that is about two voice ny mother, father, Katya, Misha, Lifor, lodge, doll, hours, rain, птич, sun.Draw a musical camp, write the word, separating syllables as in the presents notes.If you learn to spell, allocate warehouses in the color the shock black, paste on the back the picture.

Play the wellknown

In the course of game, moving ahead on lines, tell to the kid where it is that is interesting, there not the usual.Ask children of school age questions or the tasks connected with this place or type to a geograficha sky object river, sea, mountain.Play the wellknown travel pass on to Columbus, Magellan's route, Beringa, Amundsen or Cook.Before game study the necessary chapter in the nursery entsik lopediya.Instead of counters it is possible to use the small toys, for example from the kinder surprise.


Contraindications to the production of cans and tins massage Skin diseases, especially pustular.Diseases of the blood.Signs of increased bleeding.High body temperature.Total exhaustion.Excessive stimulation of the child.Technique of production of cans children older than years .Select smooth surface of the body where there is no bony prominences and recesses.It blastomycosis banks Bokov, under the blade, between the shoulder blades and zvanicnika.Grease a skin with vaseline or warm grow sory sterile oil.

The sculptor

Because we may not always know what we conceal camping opportunities, said beeches.Sculpture High in the mountains from the rock cut out a large stone, then it brought on Board in the city, and soon he was in the Studio famous sculptor.The sculptor had a lot of orders that he's good sho paid.So he was in a great hurry; without thinking, he took chisel and hammer and began to cut off from lumps that seemed to him superfluous.Oh!sighed the Stone.At this moment the hand of the sculptor flinch.Damn!

It appears

If the child does not know who the vampire, he does not Bo seeking.He is not afraid of them until, until you see how the draw RATM from fear older brothers and sisters, when you look movie scary movies about vampires.Child nachinaet to imitate elders and SnagIt, too afraid.It appears own life experience Pere maintenance of fear, while small and manageable quickly mu lereniu.However, fear can be naveshivat, tajnym and turn into a phobia, if the elders may, not realizing until the end of the danger of the TRP do closed Plaut his behavior.


Then revenge every picture in suitable syllabic wagon.Pictures next to the trailers it is better to lay out not piles and vertical rows.And the child, and an adult will be easier to monitor the proper the job.Securing the pronunciation of sound C in words.The skills of word formation Listen product names, then call the dishes in which they are put.Not forget the pronunciation select the sound Centners For example salad bowl, soup tureen, bread bread.Bread, soup, sugar, bread, salad, herring, candy, mustard, pepper.

It eczema

If gneiss can appear at the child not allergic person, the dairy scab is a signal need of visit of the allergist.Other option of manifestation of an allergy the becoming wet cracks behind ears and in cervical folds.If not to give it values, on cheeks of the child of early age appear small heatspots.It eczema dry if skin in a place of defeat starts being shelled; becoming wet, if skin swells and there are bubbles filled with liquid, which strongly itch, breaking.At a proryvaniye leave drying up strongly the itching crusts.


Hyperactive child as well as any another is much easier to overcome temporary difficulties, if he feels that love him the way he is.let's Consider some features of the behavior of hyperactive children from a position of understanding and adopting parents.Symptom behavior Psychological explanation symptom Preferred behavior parents The baby is fussy, moves a lot, spinning on the spot, easily distracted Difficulties of concentration filtration attention, the lack involved property in any process Not to judge mobility ness, to follow that on which at least for the time con accurate child, note d the child that he does helping to concentrate attention, carefully vilusi to, to create a situation heard answer, be patient to demonstrate model nonviolent behavior, to pay attention child tactile and kinesthetic, felt communication, so that he could feel, to shape control over the body, do children massage, to apply for a consultation of a psychologist, apply terapeutiche ski fairy tales and stories The child is overly talkative, sets many in issues, but rarely waiting for an answer, poor control of our motives, impulsive, aggression seven, conflict Poorly developed by miscarriage social communication, difficulties in establishing contact comrade with someone Not to judge mobility ness, to follow the what at least for the time con accurate child, note d the child that he does helping to concentrate attention, carefully vilusi to, to create a situation heard answer, be patient to demonstrate model nonviolent behavior, to pay attention child tactile and kinesthetic, felt communication, so that he could feel, to shape control over the body, do children massage, to apply for a consultation of a psychologist, apply terapeutiche ski fairy tales and stories Child clumsy, drops or breaks things Bad coordination or insufficient muscle control Not to judge mobility ness, to follow that on which at least for the time con accurate child, note d the child that he does helping to concentrate attention, carefully vilusi to, to create a situation heard answer, be patient to demonstrate model nonviolent behavior, to pay attention child tactile and kinesthetic, felt communication, so that he could feel, to shape control over the body, do children massage, to apply for a consultation of a psychologist, apply terapeutiche ski fairy tales and stories The child experiences provides difficulties in the studies mastering reading, writing Not enough time Vita ability to perception Zri sory, hearing, tactile images, poor coordination eyehand, work values of concentration with her attention Not to judge mobility ness, to follow that on which at least for the time con accurate child, note d the child that he does helping to concentrate attention, carefully vilusi to, to create a situation heard answer, be patient to demonstrate model nonviolent behavior, to pay attention child tactile and kinesthetic, felt communication, so that he could feel, to shape control over the body, do children massage, to apply for a consultation of a psychologist, apply terapeutiche ski fairy tales and stories If in the first months after the birth of my son young our sister period Guzalia said that it will have a hyperactive baby, I think she did not believe it would be forecast.

Chapter . Prerequisite. Change

The dagger, the dagger

Repeat every rhythm to times.Then on the first the word tell the whole rhythm from memory.Misha Michael scored.Paul is small, with shops fell.Our truck was carrying metal.Resin, resin trunk tech.Mila small, drank milk.The dagger, the dagger from the wall fell.Neil drinking water to the well attended.The dove flew, Yes in the snare hit.Full moon in the sky one.Alla to the boat approached, only paddles to take forgot.

Now, but not then

It will give it feeling бoльшего control over a situation and process and mo zht to improve its ability to start a task without excess complaints or repeated reminders.One more way to give to the child is more control to allow it most to define, what reminder will be required an alarm clock, the timer in kitchen or indication of a certain time, for example right after lunch.Now, but not then how to put an end to eternal postponement of household chores Sevenyearold Jack average of three children in a family.It has Desya tiletny sister and threeyearold brother.

Books like

Couch lies with the grandfather.The cat runs away from the mouse.Porridge is preparing Masha.Horse the spacecraft is traveling at Misha.Shirt puts baby.Lily found Natasha.On the hut a small margin.Books like kids.The cat's long ears.Shakhtar works in barbecue.Plasterer stukatura machine.On the tree grow chamomile.The club scored a hat.Pillow rests on the cat.Consolidation pronunciation sound W in the sayings and Proverbs Clearly, highlighting the sound W, say Proverbs to times.

Means, at the boy in amazing

Then I sent it to a table, on which the plates similar to that at which he looked were spread out.It did most insignificant mistakes, in accuracy the corresponding color, often ordinary chose the next to to it and only in rare instances a shade, on two degrees remote from the necessary.Means, at the boy in amazing degree ability to recognition of color was developed.Like all children, he very much loved chromatic exercises.But when I asked it about the name of a white hank, it long fluctuated before uncertainly answered White.

Find each

Take care of them.Find each his place in this world.Where they would be comfortable and convenient.And now, when you have placed all in the most need for them places and made friends with every fear and every strassoldo, and they have become a reliable fears, and helpers, and launched kami in a variety of worlds, you can thank the fairy and to give her magic wand.And if you want, you can come to it again and again, and again, use the magic power creativity and change.

Is it possible

Is it possible to solve the problem of children who suffer from enuresis only with the help of therapeutic fairy tales?Unfortunately, no.Tales though strong, but not allpowerful psychotherapeutic method, because in working with children eoretically, they are as part of the integrated programme of intervention.This program combines recommendations on training bladder, the use of live metaphors, the paradoxical sebaceous intervention, listening therapeutic tales and short therapeutic stories containing direct or indirect effects.

Burn rd degree

Burn nd degree redness, pain, swelling, blisters affected as terrain.STN, and the inner layer of the skin.Burn rd degree brown and blackening skin, and sometimes her mortification affected GLA the Boki tissue.Burn th degree burnt the respiratory tract, a large part of the body , the face, the eyes, the child without of consciousness.When to call in ambulance If the child has received extensive or deep ojog I PART III.FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS If the burns caused by chemical substance or electric current.

Or to take

And of course, add waters, that napkins sponge remained damp.You can couch seeds some one raising niya.Or to take seeds of several different plants and razlo to live them on different plateaus.For children is more senior than five years make colourful plates about each plateau.International Federation of Journalists but it is simply beautiful to write the name of a plant, and it is possible Nye ti image of a leaf or all plant entirely and to the nakla to ityit on the plate near the signature.Observe, with what speed will sprout time ny seeds.

Before involving

If a dish which was chosen by the child, do not prepare, sing a kta proda according to not Poku's list or you say that to Reba NOC can plan itself vacation, and then reject his ideas, it will lose interest.Before involving the child in process, it is necessary to solve, with what its choice you are ready to agree.If harmful the food cannot be in the list of purchases or the menu, the child has to know about it in advance.Before beginning that that to think out, create list of exceptions.Or let to the child know that will not allow him to choose a place for vacation, but he can plan the occupations for this time.

And another

Practicing the doctor, faced daily with a variety of individual characteristics of children's wards, gets necessary information that helps him to draw conclusions about the advantages or disadvantages or another type or brand of artificial PI Tania.So, it is guided in question, and may qualified to advise you on a suitable replacement well, if this is necessary.And another point the doctors constantly meet scientific publications in magazines, participate in con conferences, which, contrary to me fortunately, not always sponsored by manufacturers baby food.Doctors are familiar with recommendations Of the Institute of nutrition, they receive information materials scientists studying child PI food and testing new types, described in detail reveal about the advantages and disadvantages appeared in the markets mixtures.

For long

Compote from a seabuckthorn To prepare berries.To fill in them with hot % sugar syrup and to cook to readiness.For long storage of berry to lay in glass jars.To fill in syrup and to pasteurize about minutes.Plum in own juice Only ripe, healthy fruits with dense pulp and free of defects are good.Plum to wash up, cut in half and to remove stones.Densely to lay in banks to coat hanger to cover with covers and to sterilize halfliter jars minutes, the liter minutes.Juice plum with pulp Plum kg, sugar g.

Walnuts , dried

CHILDREN'S ILLNESSES Products Iron Cherry , Raspberry , Gooseberry , Dill , Beet , Cauliflower , Black currant , Carrots , Strawberry , Melon , Folk remedies for the treatment of anemia Carrot juice daily on an empty stomach hundred Kanu for weeks.Walnuts , dried apricots, prunes in equal quantities grind in a meat grinder or the blender and season thick honey .Take mother teaspoon times a day in the an increase of weeks.Angina This acute inflammatory infectious for bolivaria with the defeat of the tonsils, pharynx .

We already

The normal child, on the contrary, is directly lit by the most live interest in game.He pushes away all who tries to interfere or suggests it to help, and is eager to remain one on one with the task.We already said that children of two three years with great pleasure touch the different small subjects, and the described experiment of Children's homes are confirmed completely by this supervision.The normal child and it is very essential attentively investigates a ratio between openings and size of a subject which should be put in a nest, and very much is interested game to what expression of its face testifies.

But children

But children quickly are tired of such occupations therefore there is a sense dogovo in advance to ritsya about the minimum time which the child will devote to them and only after its expiration to discuss, stop or continue for N I am t and I.For occupations by music, sport or other skills demanding a constant prak tics.PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER Gradual weakening of control .Remind the child of the beginning of occupations in in the advance stipulated time and after their termination check everything according to a leaf.

It is closely

In my opinion, there is no more practical reception as acquaintance of children with a currency, and is not present more useful than exercise as exchange of money.It is closely connected with everyday life and interests resolutely all children.Having taught the account in such empirical way, I pass to more methodical exercises, using one of systems of the whetstones which were already applied as didactic material at education of feelings, namely, a series from ten sticks used for measurement lengths.The shortest of them corresponds to decimeter, the longest to meter, and promezhutoch ny sticks are divided into pieces, of decimeter everyone, alternately painted in the blue and red colors.

In the first

They are located as their length, i.e.as numbering.In the first exercise we start putting sticks so that ten turned out.More simply in total to take a short stick, starting with the first, and to put it to the end of the corresponding length, beginning from nine and below.For example, so Take one and add to nine; take two and add to eight; take three and add to seven; take four and add to six.So we we receive four sticks equal to ten.There is a stick five; but, having turned it other end, we see that it keeps within from one end of ten to another, with evidence proving, that twice five it is equal to ten.

Talk to the child

PART III.We CONNECT EVERYTHING TOGETHER .Withdrawal to a dream Necessary organizational skills beginning of work chapter , steady attention chapter , working memory chapter .Age best of all will be suitable for children of years, but it is easy adaptiro to vat both for younger, and for advanced age, having changed complexity tasks.Talk to the child about in what time it is necessary to go to bed.Make the list of tasks which need to be executed to withdrawal to a dream.Perhaps, in it there will be such points to clean toys, to prepare clothes for tomorrow to pack a backpack see.

Even if the meat

But on the availability Chiyo nitrates, pesticides, antibiotic residues, to which allow the animals to prevent infection, meat check not always.Even if the meat received from its subsidiary Ho sector, it is still not a guarantee of its security for food was used hay meadows where possible but, herbicides sprayed, or in the ground made of excessive amounts of fertilizer.In short, this meat can be safe for an adult, but not suitable for the kid.Buy wisely!Baby growing up, growing needs.Select lures Another important point as already mentioned, meats some food for young children to have a special ing degree of crushing, to ensure that material aluminum some of the sparing of the digestive tract of the child, to protect the mucous membrane.

If you are familiar

What to do in this case?.Please call an ambulance .Do not move the child , if not fixed damaged limb.If you are familiar with first aid , apply a splint the limb in a position what you nashli PART III.FIRST AID IN CASE OF ACCIDENTS .Do not attempt to straighten or verify de shaped bone or joint.Don't let your child eat or drink .If the injury is combined with an open wound that is not blow on it, do not wash and do not touch her.Cover the wound with a sterile bandage.

From the cubes

The first has ten centimeters in the basis, and at other the bases decrease a posledova telno on one centimeter, so the basis of the last cube one centimeter.Exercise consists in throwing of these pieces of wood painted in faintly pink color on a green rug; then the tower is constructed in the basis put a big cube, on it the following in size, and on the top a cube in one centimeter.From the cubes scattered on a green carpet, children have to select every time biggest.This game especially occupies children of two with half of years.

By our experience, not all parents

Improvement will come later.The more precisely you will develop and estimate the strategy, the it is rather will notice progress.By our experience, not all parents the prima manages nyat accurate strategy of intervention and to keep exact records.That to whom it is difficult to be in everything exact, we advise periodically analiziro to vat results to note motions.Weaken support, control and incentives gradually, but it is not sharp.Even if you long provide support to the child, that it could carry out a task or use skill independently, you can have a temptation to move away her sharply and completely.

Then children

We decided to develop model which would allow people to reveal similar schemes.Then children could use to the maximum sil the ny parties and to develop or ignore weak for improvement of the activity in general.Besides, we understood that it is worth helping and give rise to tel to define their strong and weaknesses that they could Nye more effectively to help children.To develop and realize the plan of work over are poorly developed mi skills, it is necessary to reveal them at first.

By the end of the first

Need for proteins in this case increases to gkg of body weight.By the end of the first year of life of the child at introduction of all types of a feeding up the general the amount of protein has to make , gkg of body weight, amount of fat and carbohydrates remains same, as at natural feeding.DRY MIXES FOR MEDICAL AND PREVENTIVE FOOD OF CHILDREN Now there is a set of diseases of children of the first year lives, demanding not only medicamentous correction, but also specialized medical foods.

Now you can build

You can drink water, milk, juice.and still.Now you can build phrase differently On the bed lay, and on the chair.Nail hammer and screw.Shirt sew, and scarf.Try to turn the tables the baby starts, and you continue.Game develops intellect and ingenuity, RAS serait horizons.Watch the Moon Watch together for the Moon, discuss how me are its size and shape.Every night draw the moon.Then it will be interesting to compare the figures.Come up with definitions that can describe The moon in different phases, full, round, thin, horns Tay.

Manuel would

How to you better to say about it?I can simply with to obshchat to you it, or we can make the plan in pictures.Manuel would prefer to change nothing, but his mother resolved to understand with a problem, and as a result he chose pictures.For a start they with the sister on drew the car, the house, bank, Maria's school and Maria playing foot Bol it were the most probable stops.To each picture they attached a flypaper.Manuel's mother began with change of a route twice in a week, then they passed to three times.

Having decanted

To avoid pressing on a nipple it is painful and inefficient.The filled lacteal sine can be probed in the form of balls, at decantation they are rolled under fingers.Having decanted part of milk from the top and the lower sine to continue decantation, pressing index and big fingers at the left and to the right of an areola.Then to carry out decantation from top and lower sine.To decant milk serially from two mammary glands on minutes.All procedure has to take minutes duration of the normal physiological feeding.

Hard as nails

And mom Chicks there.Became the mother bird peck the cat in the head, flapping, scratching claws.Hard as nails fell off birch and ran off.Hit a hen would her brood, saved them from the cat Zluki!HARDENING Mother began to harden little Lisa.In the morning, Lisa and mom was doing charge ku.In the summer they sunbathed and swam in forest lake.In winter Lisa and mA mA poured cold water in the basin.As mom and Lisa learned about the club hardening.The club, in which they are enrolled, was called Health.

How to eradicate

How to eradicate lice It is necessary to conduct disinsection head child using any of the drugs from PE dicoese, commercially available pediculis, PE diced, nichifor, Nitron, lokogin, loncin, benzilbenzoat % suspension, CT BIOS ,% aqueous emulsion, and other Apply on hair chosen preparation for knit head polyethylene handkerchief and Polo Tanzim, soak the appropriate time Chi make a statement.Then rinse the hair flowing in DOI with soap or shampoo and apply warm percent vinegar , tie th fishing plastic cloth and a towel , soak for minutes.

Benefit creep

Socket language watch.Benefit creep vezi..FORMATION A DERIVATIVE OF SOUND C The sound of C is derived from the base sound S.Formation derived sound in the speech of the child requires significantly less time any and effort than similar articulation bazo the first sound.The nature and amount of exercise in section consistent with these features.THE FIRST STAGE SOUND WARM UP AND SYLLABIC EXERCISES Familiarity with the position of the organs of articulation with the pronunciation of sound C Sauce how to properly pronounce the sound Centners Lips smiling.


Come with the kid to a wood edge.Spread out a cover, take seat more conveniently and silently sit.When you hear some sound, in a whisper pay to it attention child.Suggest the child most to designate any well hear ny or even hardly distinguishable sound.Repeating this game again and again, and you, and your kid will be more attentively to a prisl to shivatsya to wood sounds.FOOD CHAINS, OR WHO THAT EATS?Call to the child an animal.Ask, than it eats the child, naturally, has to know about it according to your stories or from books.


These mixes provide the normal growth and development of the child.In them dairy protein is replaced with a soy protein.Because proteinaceous component of the soy mixes it is presented by vegetable protein, which biological value below, than proteins of an animal origin, the general protein content in these products is slightly higher, than in the adapted mixes on the basis of the cow milk.Besides, proteins of soy are poor in amino acids, therefore in mix amino acids are added Lmethionine, tryptophane, taurine, etc.

For distractions

When tracheitis mustard put in the center of the chest cells from the area jugular fossa the base of the neck before the Foundation of the sternum of pieces.For distractions exposure to mustard put on the calves.ATTENTION!Mustard cannot be put on the heart and on pozvonochnik PART IV.HOME MEDICAL PROCEDURES Preparation for the procedure Carefully inspect your child's skin .She must be equal and smooth , without restage deposits, redness and rashes .In this case, before the procedure, consult your doctor.

And the matter

But a question of that, how many freedoms adults will give tyam for arrangement of priorities concerning use of time, depends on personal values of adults, than on desire often more to impart to children skill.In our highly competitive world many children Chapter .Development of skill of planning and definition of priorities all free time take dancing classes, music and an izobrazitel ny arts.And the matter is that parents and sometimes and children Uwe Rena that the child is obliged to be successful and purposeful.Others parents trust sometimes it is response on own a feather gruzhennost that children have to be children.

Thus was born

Now I know exactly what I do!The young man fast step, went home to write pre red music, promoted itself in his soul.Thus was born a new ballet Declaration of love.Its premiere was a success!The hall was Packed!Behold whether standing applauded the composer and the performer of the main role beauty Adele.They threw flowers!They shouted Bravo Bravo!And young people again and again took to the bow, hard holding hands!And after the performance, not Rasima hands, they went into the forest.

Game develops

Let ka lo Rome!Remove the cover and pulling out one toy, PE Radavita their child, paying attention to color, the form details.Show your child that the box is empty more not toys!Again put the toy in the box let mA Lys get them.To ensure that the game is not boring, every time baggage those in the box new toys.Especially children like to pull toys, about sliding her hand into the opening.Game develops fine motor skills, ingenuity and memory.From half to two years Toys homemade Sprinkle in a small transparent plastic bottles buckwheat, beans, peas.

To bring to boiling

To cut vegetables potatoes cubes, carrots ringlets only g.To put in pan vegetables and a chicken to salt, fill in with broth or hot water so, that water covered contents.To bring to boiling and to cook minutes.Sauces to meat dishes White sauce for meat of a rabbit, veal, a chicken Slightly to fry thoroughly tablespoon of a flour with the same amount of oil, to part the filtered broths received when cooking meat.After that to remove sauce with fire to add the egg yolk mixed in a glass with a small amount broth to salt.

Then make

Give it a name audio L Mila, Alla, Klava.Display all images from Annex .Listen to every word action and pick up to it one or more topics within the meaning of images.Then make proposals and speak them, highlighting the sound L.Cal, Catala, found that saw, put approached, watered, Kopala, bought, Luxemburg galas.For example Alla did beet salad and eat it.Consolidation pronunciation audio L proposals, composed on the picture and the word of the grounds To every word grounds pick up the name of the picture.Clearly, highlighting the sound L, say a few words.

Discipline, to which

As our child studies to move, but not to sit not movably, it prepares not for school, and for life; thanks to a habit and to exercise he learns easily and precisely to carry out simple acts of social life.Discipline, to which we accustom the child, in character is not limited to the school environment, but stretches for the social environment.The border in the collective has to rely freedom of the child interest, and its form that we call good breeding.Therefore, we have to having given lyat in the child everything that offends or unpleasantly affects others, or that has character rough or impolite act.

Ask What

Take the crumbs for the handle, and with him walk on the apartment What we have in the kitchen?Where we suites TV?Learn to give a more detailed answer In the closet at window.Take an imaginary trip, for example in the woods.Ask What grows in the forest?Who sits on a branch?Games broaden their horizons, develop it, Fanta the Zia, imagination.Two and a half to three years Family If guests to the baby came other kids play those in a very popular plot of the roleplay.

What is it? angry

Sometimes the Clock, put this hand on the number two, Ino when at three, sometimes four.Every time it was different the figures, and every time the Clock woke up in the night from strange ringing.Sometimes he woke up at two o'clock, Ino sometimes three, sometimes four.Together with alarm Clock woke up large wall clock, elegant watch with a mirror and all residents of the apartment.What is it?angry on the wall daddy watch.Why this ringing in the night?


How to develop skill of planning time We know that small children are not capable to plan time.Therefore we do it for them.We remind when it is time to gather in school or in kindergarten, on own understanding counting Chapter .Schooling to planning of time time which has to be enough for them for performance of a task.Or napo minay when it is time to prepare for a dream that they managed to esteem, after that as will be put on by pajamas, will clean teeth and will wash.

Thanks to it cream

Cream soups can be prepared from vegetables, bean, meat and fish products which after their cooking wipe through a sieve, owing to what they get a monotonous consistence.Thanks to it cream soups not cause mechanical irritation mucous a stomach and intestines that especially important for children of early age, at which gentle mucous the cover of a digestive tract is easily damaged under the influence of rough peep, including not crushed meat, vegetables, grain.A consequence of it can to be vomiting, a diarrhea and other violations from a digestive tract.

They are made

They are made of highquality raw materials, have the high nutrition value and the hygienic certificate of MZ Russian Federation, are hermetically packed vacuum packing without heat treatment and preservatives, save time also are very convenient in use, help to diversify food of the child as on the first year of life, and till and more years.From months to the child enter the first course of a feeding up which is gradually replacing breast milk one feeding vegetable puree as the child needs in mineral salts potassium, iron, organic acids, pectinaceous the substances and vegetable fibers normalizing a chair.

Tell the child

Predlo zhit to remember and represent other beings who jump or a pla howl but do not participate in our game.Who where lives.Explain a difference between house and wild zhi wadded and birds.Suggest to separate them from each other using some couples.In the course of game tell how the house of that is called or other animal cowshed, hen house, stable, box, hole, nest, hatka and so on.We feed animals.Tell the child that all living beings obya zatelno something is eaten.Specify who from characters of game than eats.

If the child

For older children can but to use and cottage cheese.If the child is not loves cheese in its pure form, add it slowly in other dishes.With intolerance to milk protein cheese Pro tyopoydan!Any children under years of age that, it is not recommended to give the glazed cheeses, to which contains allergenic chocolate and a large the amount of sugar.Butter for kid The butter has high internals financial, qualities, energy value, but also easily absorbed, contains a large number climbed those substances vitamins, especially a and D, and Mina Spain.

Concern of the child

Quiet behavior of the child in an interval between feedings, existence in a breast mothers of milk after the end of feeding criteria of adequacy of food the child and indicators of that there is no need to weigh him before and after each applying to a breast and rather single definition per day body weights it is better in the morning.Concern of the child between feedings, big, than usually in norm, losses initial body weight force to carry out regular weighings to and after each feeding with dokormy to norm donor milk.At insufficiency of milk at mother dokorm the healthy newborn nevertheless it is better not to appoint about days if losses of weight are not so great, as early introduction of a feeding up reduces activity of a sosaniye and, respectively lactation volume.

Game develops

Ask him what if to add to her eyes, mouth, arms, legs, HVO stick?Who will succeed?If you find that turned out to be a mysterious creature think of him with the baby name and compose about it interesting story.To finish any geometric shape.Game develops imagination and creative way ness.Of two and a half to three years Improving in the account Teach your child to read.You can, for example, to count the fingers on your hands, singing songs nursery rhymes or reading fun rhymes.

If you suspect

If the blood seeped through the fabric, do not remove tissue from the wound , not to to prevent the formation of krovanistye head clot.At first piece of cloth put other.If you suspect that a child fracture of the skull, 't give direct giving ing on the bleeding wounds of the head.If the wound on the head shallow , podstrigat the hair around the wound, wash it in warm DOI with soap and gently wipe.Not move away from the child for a minute .About believe with basic life functions dy respiratory tract, breathing, and circulation .


In the road, anything can happen, so mu for them in the bag should have its own first aid kit.Moreover, in the way you can panado fight tools that will allow you to quickly pre krutit the development of infectious diseases as you are going on vacation to not be sick , and relax.Therefore mu recommend always be ready to supply road first aid kit for a child and to update it as not the need.Of course, if you often traveling.What should be in a child's kit?.

Compare images

SERIES RESOURCEFUL CHICKEN SERIES LATE PHOTOGRAPHY SERIES THRIFTY SQUIRREL NEIDI DIFFERENCES To compare two very similar picture.To find differences.Compare images in the order from left to right or top to bottom.Having found all the differences, to make a story called Unusual Christmas tree.To explain who brought home a Christmas tree, what the usual toys in the house was not broke, left in the country, were not able to buy, what unusual pieces of the children decorated the Christmas tree.

As I mentioned, it is represented

Tying with a scarf eyes, we risk to overtake drowsiness; it is impossible to expect that the child in this situation was long capable to receive sensory perception.The cerebration deprived of usual means of notification and control, demands big tension.As I mentioned, it is represented to me possible and practical a combination of system of Montessori with kindergarten.If I state it here in brief and without proofs or justifications because I do not give it dogmatic character, and simply I hope that there will be a teacher who will wish to use system, promise to bring Shuya kindly to his pets.

But as soon

Simple economy money which he receives on pocket expenses, will not help quickly to achieve the desirable.But as soon its birthday, money, to tory he will receive from parents, relatives and friends, will give him chorus shiya the starting capital.Nevertheless parents know that to the boy it is necessary to see as far as it came nearer to purchase of a prefix.Parents decided to help Jared to develop the plan.The boy with it was said.Parents told that if Jared is ready to spend everything on presented money for game on birthday, in – weeks it, sko to yard of everything, will be able to buy it, adding the money received to this sum on pocket expenses.

Forgive me, please. And a miracle

BA, co which

BA, co which cause the appearance of small sores .Since Menem they gradually grow , merge between an acquiring the shape of a butterfly .Therefore, for kormlu of the child choose the shortest nipple gesture of Koy rubber during suckling it will not Cravero to mucous not .be I PART I.CHILDHOOD DISEASES Phimosis This narrowing of the foreskin of the penis with the impossibility of removing head.In the age of year for boys it is the physiological ecological norm, therefore you shouldn to try to get the head , pulling at flesh.

Many parents

Questions of development, as a rule, do not stand until suddenly do not remember, that the child in a year another in school and should prepare for it seriously.Many parents argue so What difference, at what age the child was learned to go to read, consider, draw, learn figures, to put carat tinka from cubes and other, other, other.The child is full, healthy, daily walks in the fresh air, it has a heap of dolls machines and other toys that still it is necessary for the happy childhood?Then it namuchatsya still with study.


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